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Wow, what a weekend. Garrett started it off with a single tweet:

Garrett's tweet

Since then we've received a lot of emails and tweets with praise, criticism and feature requests. Exactly what we need to make Browseo even better for all of you!

We've already received feedback from early testers during the past few weeks - including Debra Mastaler, Dan Thies, Tad Chef, Marcus Tandler and many others. We're currently working on the next release.

Meanwhile, check out Dan Shure's review with lots of screenshots here and read what SEO legend Sante J. Achille has to say about Browseo (he even wrote a separate post for his Italian audience).

The folks at Inbound.org have been very kind to us too, keeping Browseo on top of the front page for the entire weekend and sending our target audience (you!) right to our site. Rand Fishkin mentioned seo-browser.com, which was of course a great inspiration.

Last but not least: please keep the feedback coming. We are striving to create a very solid and functional SEO browser for the entire community, so let us know what you want Browseo to do and we'll look into it!


Jonathan has been involved in search engine marketing on both agency and client sides since 2004. Jonathan maintains several German websites. He tweets @schikowski.

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