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Jonathan Schikowski

Jonathan has been involved in search engine marketing on both agency and client sides since 2004. Jonathan maintains several German websites. He tweets @schikowski.

Introducing Browseo.net – Your New SEO Browser (Video)

Here we go: A while ago I created a short tour of browseo.net and I just realized that I haven't embedded it on the site yet. It should give you a pretty good overview of what the tool is capable …

Detect Cloaking and Sneaky Redirects

Introducing browseo.net's new de-cloaking engine This just came out of our labs: you can now check for cloaking attempts with one click: Browseo will then perform two checks: is the response code different for Googlebot? is any part of the …

Data Liberation: Download Entire Browseo Sessions in Excel Format

You can now download the data of an entire browsing session in Excel (.xls) file format. Once you open the Takeout in Excel, you'll have separate columns for URLs, responses / redirects, text information and one column for the <head> …

Multiplier – New Tool for Power Users

In our first round of gathering feedback earlier this year, several professional users asked for the ability to open multiple tabs at once. Well, I'm glad to announce that now you can. Check out the Multiplier! Copy a list or …

Putting the Data in Context

With our aim of providing an easy-to-use tool while focusing on what truly matters in mind, we decided to provide context for some of the data that you see in Browseo. I've been putting this off for a while and …

Updates: Better Performance and URLs for Sharing

You may have already noticed that Browseo has been updated a few days ago. First, we tweaked the performance with the result that Browseo is now more than 2x faster than before. The delay between entering a URL and looking …

Websites Are for Humans, Not for Search Engines

Everyone has seen them: websites with a bunch of footer text that obviously only exists to manipulate search engines. I don't think I need to call any names here. This phenomenon is visible in any industry and on all types …

A Big Thank-You

Wow, what a weekend. Garrett French started it off with a single tweet, we got reviews, first spot at Inbound.org, and a constant stream of new tweets. Time to say thank-you to you all!

Optimizing a Web Page

Search engines are interested in the text on your pages, because they assume this is what people are interested in. Write your website copy naturally and use keywords carefully in a few places if it makes sense.

How to Use Browseo

In addition to displaying the page's content, we have added some useful information about the page you are viewing. This gives you a good picture of what search engines see and rate in addition to the text on a page.