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You may have already noticed that Browseo has been updated a few days ago. First, we tweaked the performance with the result that Browseo is now more than 2x faster than before. The delay between entering a URL and looking at the results is now barely visible in some cases. This should be of interest to our power users, who browse hundreds of pages over a short period.

In addition to these performance updates, I am happy to announce that you can now share Browseo's view of a page directly via a dedicated URL, for example:



Many people have asked us about this since the beginning, and I think this should especially be helpful for consultants and webdesigners. You can now send your client a direct link to show them what their site may look like to search engines.

You'll find the link to share on the bottom of the sidebar:

More features are in the making. If you have any requests or specific feature suggestions please feel free to contact us.


Jonathan has been involved in search engine marketing on both agency and client sides since 2004. Jonathan maintains several German websites. He tweets @schikowski.

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